Adam King

Senior Admissions Counselor

adam king

Counselor for: Men's Soccer, Rockingham Countysouthwestern/western VirginiaWVAsia, Europe; Broadway, Turner Ashby

Hometown: Born in Evanston, IL; multiple hometowns throughout Virginia.

Hobbies: Road cycling, playing Go (traditional far Eastern board game), Banjo, reading, writing poetry, blogging/essay writing, fantasy baseball

Education: Master of Sacred Theology ‘22, Union Theological Seminary of NYC; MDiv ’18, Eastern Mennonite Seminary; BA Religion ’04, Roanoke College

Pronouns: he/him

Contact info: 540-432-4144,

Why I came to EMU

I chose to move to Harrisonburg to attend Eastern Mennonite Seminary in 2015 because I saw in EMU a passionate focus on peacebuilding and justice. I wanted to attach myself to a culture that values people over profits and I am so pleased to have discovered that this is in fact the case at EMU. I also have deep family ties to the Shenandoah Valley and was excited to return to this stunningly beautiful part of the world. 

Why I love EMU

I love EMU because this institution recognizes that a great education is not just about downloading information into students. It recognizes that a great education is not just about giving access to power. It recognizes that a great education is not just about providing a high quality student life experience. At EMU, what makes for a great education is expanding worldviews and developing compassionate, curious, lifelong learners and leaders. This is what I believe sets EMU apart from many other college institutions. It makes my job as an Admissions Counselor so much easier to know that when I am encouraging someone to apply and attend EMU, I believe fully in the mission of this school and I know that an education from EMU will make the prospective student’s life better and that that student will go on to make our world better. 

Anything else you should know about me?

I have a deep passion for several things (ok, to be honest, I get pretty passionate about a lot of things). But a few of those things are: 

  • My 13 year old son, Jack, who is the coolest kid I’ve ever known. 
  • Movies about space travel and exploration. 
  • Baseball, especially the New York Yankees and the Washington Nationals
  • Great music. Current favorites include Sigur Ros, Gregory Alan Isakov, The 1975, Taylor Swift, and a neo-classical composer named Max Richter.
  • Riding my bikes. I love commuting to work on my Giant hybrid and I really love riding my Scott Addict 30 road bike around the incredible roads in the Shenandoah Valley.
  • Reading, especially sci-fi and fantasy novels, and theology/philosophy books.
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