Starting an EMU Student Organization

Any member of the EMU student community is welcome to begin a new student organization.

The benefits of EMU club or organization status are:

  1. Inclusion in the Student Handbook and the Student Organization Listing
    The ability reserve and utilize university resources (spaces, vehicles, equipment, office supplies, etc.)
  2. The ability to request that SGA allocate funds from the comprehensive student fees to your organization in accordance with published guidelines
  3. Invitations to participate in leadership conferences and trainings
  4. The right to publicize events on campus in accordance with published guidelines
  5. The right to hold fund-raising events in accordance with published guidelines
  6. An invitation to participate in the Annual Student Organizations Ice-Cream Social to recruit members
  7. Eligibility to receive Leadership Awards
  8. Accountability to set organizational goals and provide benefits to the campus community
  9. Automatic inclusion in the Union of Student Organizations (USO)

Club or organization development process (to be completed by student leadership):

1. Complete an application to form a new club

  • Includes a listing of basic club or organization information
  • Includes a listing of names and contact information for proposed club or organization’s officers and advisor
  • Includes a description of membership requirements
  • Includes a section where the club or organization must outline their constitution

2. Ensure that there at least five students with significant interest in being active members (list names on application form above)

Hold an organizational meeting to recruit members and gauge interest in your organization. This meeting is not required, but demonstrated student interest is important for successfully registering your student organization.

3. Schedule a meeting with the Director of Student Programs. Meeting agenda:

  • Discuss details of the club or organization’s application for club registration including basic club information
  • Discuss details of the club or organization’s purpose, goals and constitution
  • Discuss university policies and procedures for student a club or organization
  • Make suggested revisions to Application for Club Registration and Constitution. Resubmit, if necessary

4. Director of Student Programs requests a time to present your proposed club or organization at an upcoming SGA meeting. Be prepared to present the following:

  • Discussion regarding details of the club or organization’s application for club registration including group’s unique purpose, type of programming, level of interest in your group and details of the constitution
  • SGA will make a recommendation of approval or disapproval to the President’s Cabinet for the final decision on whether or not the organization will become registered with the university

5. Pending SGA approval, a final request for club or organization registration will be presented to EMU’s presidential cabinet. Upon successful passage through president’s cabinet:

  • Apply for a website
  • A new club or organization’s first year will include the year of the application for club registration, if the application was completed in the fall semester of that year.
  • A club or organization in its first year may receive all the benefits of a registered student organization except the ability to request and receive yearly funds from SGA.
  • A new organization must establish viability by sustained interest and activity over a two-year period before it is eligible for student fee allocations. A new organization may, however, request funding for special events from the SGA.
  • Registered student clubs and organizations must have a purpose and program that are in accord with the mission and Life Together: Committments for a Community of Learning statement  of EMU.
  • In order to remain active as a registered club or organization for the succeeding year the organization must elect officers in the spring of each year and submit those names to SGA
  • A new Application for Club Registration will be submitted early each fall in order to receive funding from SGA for that year
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