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Student Life

Club Advisors

The Advisor

Dear Advisor:
We appreciate your willingness to serve in a roll that is integral in the development of our campus leaders. Please understand that you are only expected to guide and advise. It is our hope that the students will take responsibility in carrying out all functions of their organization, learning by doing. If you have questions or need assistance, feel free to call ext. 4133.

Thank you for taking a personal interest in our students.

Director of Student Programs and Orientation

The Advisor’s Role

Every officially recognized student organization must have at least one faculty or staff advisor who is interested in the organization and willing to meet with and advise the group.

“Advisors,” a definition: Advisors do not lead, they advise. Students learn the most when they are encouraged to make their own decisions, functioning as leaders among their peers and voting members of their own organization. Advisors are not decision makers. Rather, students should be held responsible for group decisions.

Selecting an Advisor:

  1. Advisors should plan to be actively involved in the group’s planning and activities. The advisor should not simply be a signature on a form, however, the advisor’s level of involvement should match the group’s needs
  2. In situations where the club or organization selects an advisor, all members of the organization should be involved

16 Expectations Clubs and Organizations May Have of their Advisor:

  1. Get to know and be available to organization members
  2. Regularly attend organization meetings, programs and events
  3. Assist with goal-setting, program planning, problem-solving, evaluation of goal achievement, and emergencies
  4. Help officers in understanding and executing their duties
  5. Consult with students in the selection of guest speakers, negotiation of contracts with outside agencies and organizations, and when necessary, process decisions with the academic dean or other appropriate advisor
  6. Be a source of information for university policies, regulations, and procedures, and serve as liaison to the faculty and administration when necessary
  7. Be willing to assist in accessing resources within the university or outside the community
  8. Help students to apply principles and skills learned in their classes
  9. Provide organizational continuity by relaying historical information, traditions and past problems and solutions to new members while at the same time encouraging flexibility and creativity beyond traditions. The advisor will be the email designate for inquiries related to the club
  10. Provide or make students aware of training in leadership skills
  11. Alert the organization to the need for and methods of good public relations
  12. Mediate intra-group conflicts
  13. Assist in the development of recruitment efforts
  14. Represent the organization to the faculty and administration
  15. Assist the student organization leaders in aligning their program planning with the mission and values of Eastern Mennonite University
  16. Provide assistance with organizational finances, including budget development and ongoing expenditures

6 Expectations Advisors May Have of the Organization:

  1. To have clear expectations about his/her role as an advisor
  2. To be kept informed of organizational plans, activities, and related matters
  3. To meet with the organization on a regular basis
  4. To be invited to meetings, programs, and events
  5. To take care of potential problems in an efficient manner
  6. To work out tentative solutions to problems before coming to the advisor