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EMU is committed to providing a campus environment that promotes safety and well-being.  We strive to be a community where students develop into their full potential. Adjustment to college life can be difficult for many students; and in some cases students that are in mental, physical or psychological distress cannot function in their personal lives and/or focus on learning. Due to these difficulties, several interdisciplinary divisions (Student Life, Safety and Security, Academic Success) of EMU are intersecting to develop a plan and select a committee to address potential problems of this nature.  In response, EMU has established the Concern Assessment Response and Evaluation (CARE) Team to serve as an additional measure for community well-being.    

Mission: The Eastern Mennonite University CARE (Concern, Assessment, Response, Evaluation) Team provides proactive and coordinated support for students in distress and addresses concerns about student behavior, academic progress, and personal issues, including mental health concerns.

The CARE Team will receive reports of students who are exhibiting concerning or disruptive behaviors. The team, in an effort to maintain student success capacity and enhance the university community, will investigate and respond to reported behaviors. Core CARE Team Members include: 

  • Dean of Students (serves as Chair of Care Team), Shannon Dycus
  • Director of Residence Life, Student Accountability, and Restorative Justice, Jonathan Swartz
  • Director of Counseling, Allison Collazo
  • Coordinator of Campus Safety and Security, Dave Emswiler
  • Director of Retention, Zach Yoder

Additional EMU Faculty and Staff may be included in CARE Team as a resource toward student success. 

Reasons to refer a student to the EMU Care Team include:

  • The student becomes increasingly isolated, unkempt, irritable or disconnected.
  • The student's academic or social performance deteriorates.
  • The student shows significant and marked changes in behavior or mood. 
  • The student expresses thoughts of suicide. 
  • The student expresses thoughts of self-harm or has engaged in self-harming behavior.
  • The student makes threats or displays aggression directed toward themselves or others.

Contact us with questions at 

How can I refer a student to the CARE Team? 

To refer a student to the CARE Team, please fill out EMU Safety and Care Reporting Form found on our EMU website. Faculty who are using Navigate Health and Wellness alerts may continue to use this alert system.  If additional information is requested, a member of the CARE team will send you a link to the EMU Safety and Care Reporting Form. Academic Alerts (or alerts with multiple categories) will remain in Navigate.

Primary recipients of all reports are Dean of Students, Director of Student Accountability and Director of Retention.  Immediate decisions are made for CARE by this team between weekly meetings. 

When should I refer a student to the CARE Team?

Community members are encouraged to report concerns about students who may pose a danger to themselves or others, who may be in distress, or whose behavior is disruptive to others in the community. Please note: If you believe a student may pose an immediate threat to the health and safety of themselves or others, call Campus Safety and Security immediately at 540-432-4911.

Faculty and Staff are encouraged to consult the Recognizing and Responding to Students in Distress: A Faculty Handbook. The handbook serves as a resource for faculty and staff on how to recognize and respond to a range of issues from academic challenges to general concerns to mental health concerns and traumatic concerns.

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Levels of care beyond this are considered emergencies and should be directed to 911 or Campus Safety and Security at 540-432-4911. 

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