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Large Photocopy Jobs

Sometimes we have larger photocopy jobs that we used to send to the print shop and they would run the job on a large photocopier. Can we still do this?

Photocopy jobs of all sizes can be handled in the print shop. The print shop is prepared to handle the photocopy process including additional finishing needs. All large photocopy jobs should be sent to the print shop either electronically ( or through campus mail. Campus photo copiers are not meant to handle large quantity jobs.

Print Services Consulting

Sometimes we need something special printed or we have a job that we are not sure how best to get it printed. Who can provide us with this kind of advice, in particular about how to get something printed?

Marketing Services should be contacted to help you determine the best solution to your printing needs.

Finishing Services

There are times that we need to have our jobs folded, stapled or cut that we used to send to the print shop to do. Can we still do this?

The print shop will provide print finishing services such as stapling, cutting, and folding for any jobs printed on campus (either in the print shop or on campus copiers or printers).

Ordering Stationary and Letterhead

Contact marketing and communications (ext. 4634). Marketing and communications will send a proof of the layout to you and make the print order with the print shop.

Ordering Paper

We used to order paper for my department for use in our department’s copier and printer or colored paper for special projects. How do we order paper now?

We are categorizing copiers in three groups: departmental, shared and public. Here is a list of the copiers and their designation:

Department Copier Category
Academic Success Center department
ADCP department
Advancement department
Athletic department
Bible department
Business/Education shared
Copy Room (2) public
CC 3rd floor public
CJP department
Fine Arts department
IEP department
Library shared
Marketing department
Masters in Counseling department
Music department
Physical Plant department
Pioneer department
Preparatory Music department
Science Center shared
Seminary shared
Student Life department
CC 1st floor public
Soc/soc work department
Weaver House department

Department Copiers

Paper will be ordered and paid for by the departments. To compensate for the additional cost of now ordering paper, the copy rate will be reduced from $0.03 a copy to $0.02.

Shared Copiers

Paper will be ordered by the copier contact person using a special account number. If you are the key operator for a shared copier, I will be contacting you to assign the account number. The cost per copy will remain $0.03.

Public Copiers

Paper will be monitored and ordered by information systems.

More Information

Departments should use Frank Parsons to order all paper used by printers and copiers located in their individual departments or for special colors needed while using printers or copiers located in public areas. Special per ream pricing has been negotiated for standard white and colored paper. These stock numbers are listed in the special price list found on the Frank Parsons web site for EMU.

To simplify our ordering, we will offer the following colors in the shared/public areas:gold, gray, pink, blue, canary, green, ivory, peach, and orchid.

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