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Lee Yoder


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An Educational Leader and Administrator, Dr. Lee M.Yoder is the Founding Superintendent of the new Narmer American College, Cairo, Egypt, developed from 2000 to 2008 as a PK-12 private school with an enrollment of 499 students. With more than 40 years of educational teaching and leadership at all levels, the development of a new American School, from ‘scratch’, in another culture for Egyptian Owners required him to draw upon all of his experiences to create a new school. “A Different Way of Learning” reflected the American pedagogy of critical thinking, investigation, inquiry, writing, research and exploration, in contrast to the rote memorization taught in the Egyptian Educational System.

His new book, FROM COFFEE RUN TO CAIRO: LAUNCHING AN AMERICAN SCHOOL IN THE DESERT, details his life experiences as an educational leader and how the Narmer American College was developed from ‘scratch’. He also includes “Educational and Leadership Applications” he has made during his career. The book is available from www.Amazon.com
and www.Barnesandnoble.com

Dr. Yoder’s previous responsibilities as Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Education at Bridgewater College (VA); Vice President and Associate Professor of Education at Eastern Mennonite University (VA); and teacher and chief administrator of Christopher Dock High School, Lansdale, PA, provided a broad background of experiences, together with his graduate work at Temple University, to launch a new school in another culture. He recruited and supervised mostly American certified teachers to develop all levels of the PK-12, accredited school. A totally new campus facility was built in the desert East of Cairo and occupied in 2006. During the 2011-2012 year, Dr. Yoder brings his extensive professional experiences to EMU working with student mentees in the MA in Education Program.


Ed.D., Temple University, 1979
Curriculum Theory and Development

Ed.M., Temple University, 1966
Educational Administration

BA, Eastern Mennonite University, 1963
History and Secondary Education


FROM COFFEE RUN TO CAIRO: LAUNCHING AN AMERICAN SCHOOL IN THE DESERT, published by Xlibris.com and available from www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com, 2012