Seminary Convocation – “Little by Little” – Nancy Heisey

Dr. Nancy Heisey, Eastern Mennonite Seminary Associate Dean and Professor of Biblical Studies and Church History.

“Mary’s Way” – Nancy Heisey

“Mary’s Way” Dr. Nancy Heisey–Eastern Mennonite Seminary Associate Dean, EMU Professor of Biblical Studies and Church History. Nancy has worked as a teacher and an administrator first at Mennonite Central Committee and since 1999 at EMU. Her lifelong professional and churchly involvement with Mennonites and Brethren in Christ around the world, and her research....

“A Theology of Anabaptist Leadership” – Nancy Heisey, David Miller, Gilberto Perez Jr.

Bethel University student Alexandra Shoup opens with reflections on, “How can our Anabaptist identity empower us?” Nancy Heisey, David Miller, and Gilberto Perez Jr. deliver the keynote address on “A Theology of Anabaptist Leadership” Leading into the Common Good: an Anabaptist Perspective Join practitioners, scholars and students to examine the history of leadership models....

“Spiritual Life Week Chapel – Justice and Jesus? How do I make sense of this?”

How do Johonna Turner, Nancy Heisey, Ben Bailey, and several student leaders, make sense of justice and Jesus? Hear their stories. Johanna Turner is Assistant Professor with the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding. Nancy Heisey is Professor of Bible and Religion. Ben Bailey is Office Coordinator for the Department of Applied Social Sciences.