“Touch with Faith: Jesus wanted to, do you?” – Shirley Steward-Jones

& Chapel Gathering in the Seminary, Seminary, Student Speakers.

Chapel Gathering in the Seminary: “Touch with Faith: Jesus wanted to, Do you?” Shirley Steward-Jones, EMS Preaching class student

“Our Shared Journey Toward Healing” – Tony and Becky Brenneman

& Faculty/Staff Speakers, University Chapels.

Gather with Tony and Becky as they reflect on their shared journey of experiencing a hiking accident, serious injuries and the healing journey.

Seminary Capstone Presentation – Matt Stearn

& Seminary, Seminary Senior Capstone.

Matt Stearn, “Mennonites and Their Tools: Healing Communities for Combat Veterans” Students in the seminary’s Master of Divinity program complete Capstone Integration Projects across the two semesters of their senior year. During the fall semester, they negotiate with the professors in the Formation in Missional Leadership class the design of their projects. They then complete their… Read more »