Fred Kniss

Opening Seminary Convocation Worship “Whispering Hope in a Time of Chaos”–Dr. Fred Kniss

& Chapel Gathering in the Seminary, Seminary.

Dr. Fred Kniss, EMU Provost and Seminary Interim Dean, opens the Seminary Fall 2017 Semester with his convocation address: Whispering Hope in a Time of Chaos. Psalm 3310-22 and Romans 5:1-5

2016 Matriculation Ceremony: “Dare to Risk Love” – Dr. Fred Kniss

& Faculty/Staff Speakers.

Dr. Fred Kniss, Provost, delivers the address, “Dare to Risk Love” at the annual Matriculation Ceremony. *Note: Because of equipment malfunction, the beginning of Dr. Kniss’s speech is cut out of the recording, so there is a jump from the scripture reading to the middle of Dr. Kniss’s address.

“Diversity and Belonging: Love and the Liberal Arts” – Provost Fred Kniss

& Cross-Cultural Groups, Faculty/Staff Speakers, University Chapels.

Provost Fred Kniss launches the semester with a focus on “Diversity and Belonging: Love and the Liberal Arts.” John 15:10-17 Chapel closes with a time of sending for the Guatemala-Cuba Cross-Cultural group at the close of the service.

Faculty/Staff Conference – “Serving with Compassion” Welcome and Worship

& Faculty/Staff Conference, Faculty/Staff Speakers.

Faculty and Staff gather to begin the new year together with the annual Faculty/Staff Fall Conference.  Provost Fred Kniss and emcee/Director of Athletics Dave King offer words of welcome and orientation to the theme “Serving with Compassion.”  Ken J. Nafziger leads  the opening time of worship together.

December Graduates Service

& Commencement.

Provost Dr. Fred Kniss addresses the mid-year graduating Seniors in this special service recognizing their achievements.