University Colloquium: Andrea Saner

“In Many and Various Ways”: how the Ten Commandments and Covenant Code became Torah

Andrea Saner
Associate Professor of Bible, Religion, and Theology
Eastern Mennonite University

Theological interpretation of scripture began in the 1990s as a Christian movement within English-language theology and biblical studies, as scholars rallied around a shared critique of historical criticism. Recently, the battle lines have eased, and more theological interpreters include historical-critical approaches as preliminary aims toward the goals of theological interpretation. Drawing on her work in writing a commentary on Exodus, Andrea will introduce the lively scholarly debates surrounding the history of development of the Sinai traditions in Exodus and engage an ecumenical and interfaith conversation about the nature of divine revelation in light of these texts and their transmission histories.

Andrea D. Saner is associate professor of Old Testament and Hebrew Language. Author of “Too Much to Grasp”: Exodus 3:13-15 and the Reality of God (Eisenbrauns, 2015), Andrea is currently writing the Exodus volume for the T&T Clark International Theological Commentary. Originally from Pennsylvania, Andrea came to EMU from northeast England, where she received a PhD in Old Testament from Durham University; she also holds a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary in Elkhart, Indiana. Andrea enjoys gardening, cycling, baking, and living in Harrisonburg with her husband and two young children.