Convocation: Constitution Interpretation

What if anything can the Constitution and the “Founding” tell us about the Second Amendment?

Gather with Dr. Kevin Hardwick and Dr. Howard Lubert, JMU professors, for some input on (1) the origins of the Constitution and the process of its ratification, (2) debates during the American “Founding” over constitutional interpretation, and (3) contemporary debates about approaches to constitutional interpretation.  Finally, engage with some brief observations about how those debates have influenced (and might influence) the debate over the Second Amendment.
Dr. Kevin Hardwick, Professor of History, James Madison University
Dr. Howard L. Lubert, Professor of Political Science, James Madison University

Evelina Kilimnik and Charity Pence will share a violin duet for a musical opening to this engagement.
Adam Moyer (Young Democrats) and Paul Kayembe (College Republicans) will introduce these clubs and the speakers.