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Researcher Training

Researchers wishing to submit a proposal to EMU’s IRB should have undergone training in human subjects research. Recently, EMU recommended and regularly used the National Institutes of Health free online training. As of September 2018 this training is no longer freely available.

Researchers are welcome to access the updated NIH training, to be released on November 6, 2018. However, this training will cost approximately $40.

Training Links

EMU Training NIH Training Login

EMU Training

EMU maintains a training option specifically for use with its local IRB. This training is not designed to be accepted by other IRBs. To complete this training enroll via EMU's Moodle site

Once enrolled, you will review training materials and complete four quizzes. Moodle will record your scores, and IRB members will be able to confirm your training via the Moodle records.

Researchers external to EMU who may have undergone human subjects training through another provider (e.g., CITI) are welcome to submit alternate certification with their proposal.

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