Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are based on a student’s cumulative high school GPA and the highest SAT combined score or ACT composite score of tests taken by January of the senior year. Academic scholarships range from $12,000 to $18,000 per year and are renewable for four years, depending on academic performance. A separate application is not required. Students who qualify for an academic scholarship will be notified with their admissions decision letter.

The following are some examples of the academic profiles of potential merit scholarship qualifiers at EMU.

Honors Scholarship*

GPA SAT/ACT Scholarship Amount
4.0 1250/27 $18,000
3.5 1400/32 $18,000

Academic Achievement Scholarship

GPA SAT/ACT Scholarship Amount
3.5 1250/27 $17,000
3.0 1340/29 $17,000

 University Scholarship

GPA SAT/ACT Scholarship Amount
3.0 1050/22 $15,000
2.6 1200/25 $15,000

*Indicated scores are based on SAT scoring as of March 2016.

Additional Scholarships

There are a variety of additional scholarships, grants and loans available. Check out our grants and scholarships page to learn more.