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Lonnie Yoder


POSITION: Professor

LOCATION: Main Campus, Harrisonburg | SB 106

PHONE: (540) 432-4272

EMAIL: yoderld@emu.edu

The church and seminary face a dizzying array of challenges and opportunities as we live into the 21st century. Dr. Lonnie Yoder is passionate about preparing leaders who are responding to their unique callings in life. He especially enjoys mentoring and counseling younger leaders who are discovering ways to share their gifts with both church and society. He is intrigued by the challenges of revisioning theological education, including the development of new delivery systems such as distance learning and hybrid courses.

Lonnie is excited about investing in the church in both its traditional and emergent forms. One practical expression of this commitment is his role as a consultant to over a dozen area congregations and pastors, four of which represent varying emergent forms of congregational life. He is also committed to cultivating a truly diverse church in which all of those who represent the rich diversity of our human community are given voice and place in Christian communities around the globe. Involvements in Jamaica, Trinidad, Haiti, Colombia, and other locations have both inspired and challenged Lonnie. Finally, Lonnie is committed to a lifelong journey of discovering the ordinary, but powerful, ways in which we care for one another in the church and beyond. Of special interest is the various ways in which technology can serve us as we strengthen our care and our communities.

A native of rural southeast Iowa, Lonnie served as youth minister and assistant pastor in his home congregation, East Union Mennonite Church, for twelve years before engaging doctoral studies in Religion and Personality at the University of Iowa. Married to Teresa Boshart, stewardship consultant for Everence, father to two young adult daughters, and grandfather of two, Lonnie enjoys family time, sports, genealogy, and gardening. A professor at Eastern Mennonite since 1991, from 2010-2016 he carried the role of associate dean at the seminary while continuing to teach in the areas of pastoral care/counseling and leadership.


BS, Drake University
MDIV, Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries
PHD, University of Iowa


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