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Steven Johnson

DEPARTMENT: Visual & Communication Arts Dept

POSITION: Associate Professor and Professor

LOCATION: Main Campus, Harrisonburg | UC 275A

PHONE: (540) 432-4364


In addition to teaching, Steve has a professional background as a Director of Digital Media, webmaster, and photographer.

Photographic credits include Orion, BBC Focus Magazine, NSTA books, National Geographic Traveler, Blue Ridge Country, Sufi Journal, Wings,,, and The London Guardian. Steve’s photographic imaged and portfolios have been featured in the journals: Ruminate, Numéro Cinq, Flycatcher, Newfound, Pan, and Rock and Sling.


  • (2001) M.F.A., Savannah College of Art and Design
  • (1995) B.A., Houghton College



Selected Photography Publications

  • (2016) Hellbender Salamander photograph: BBC Focus Magazine, March 2016
  • (2016) Pacific Chorus Frog: Frog Log, 24, n1:20 (my photograph of a Chorus Frog as well an interview with me about the Conservation Photo class appear in an article by Dave Huth titled The Salamander’s Smile: Photography’s Powerful Role in Conservation).
  • (2015) Eye on the Environment photos (featured photographer for Richmond Times-Dispatch Flair)
  • (2015) Cow Knob Salamander (photographs on front page of Staunton News Leader)
  • (2015) Cow Knob Salamander (photograph on front page of Richmond Times-Dispatch)
  • (2015) Next Time You See a Spiderweb photos (five photographs for NSTA books)
  • (2014) Magdalena and the Fireflies: National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Bugs (photograph)
  • (2014) Placobdella parasitica: photograph for video
  • (2014) Next Time You See the Moon (five photographs for NSTA books)
  • (2013, August) Firefly images: Wisonsin Natural Resources Magazine , 4-6 (cover photo and three additional images)
  • (2013, July/August) Things the Dog Ate: Orion Magazine (photo accompanies article)
  • (2013) In Praise of Lichens (six photographs for peer-reviewed Pan Journal online)
  • (2013) Next Time You See a Pillbug (thirteen photographs/cover image for NSTA books)
  • (2013) Next Time You See a Firefly (eight photographs for NSTA books)
  • (2013) Firefly in Hand: Leave No Child Inside (cover photograph for Orion books)
  • (2013) Salamanders of Fridley’s Gap: Place-Based Education (cover photograph for Orion books)
  • (2013, March/April) Rope Swing (Accompanies “The Politics of Play”): Orion Magazine , 32, n2 (photograph).
  • (2013, Spring) White-throated sparrow: The Second Atlas of Breeding Birds of Vermont : 424 (photo)
  • (2012, Fall) Fireflies: Wings: Essays on Invertebrate Conservation , 5: Fall 2012 (photograph)
  • (2012, July/August) Children in Nature (Accompanies “Look, don’t Touch”): Orion Magazine , 31, n4 (photograph).
  • (2012, Summer) Grackles in Flight: Sufi: Journal of Mystical Philosophy and Practice (photograph)
  • (2012, May/June) Chicken portraits: Blue Ridge Country, 25, n5/6: 3, 3, 62-65 (eight photographs including double-page spread article lead).
  • (2012, May/June) Mink (Neovison vison): The Wildlife Volunteer: A Publication of the Michigan Wildlife Conservancy, May/June 2012: 2 (two photographs)
  • (2012, March/April) Ecopyschology images: Orion Magazine, 31, n2: 17-18, 21-22, 24 (feature photographs: five digital photo-illustrations).
  • (2012, April) Blue Ridge Parkway Foodie Tour: Blue Ridge Country, 25, n3/4: 16-20 (six photographs including double-page spread article lead).
  • (2011, August) Tralfamadore Farm: Blue Ridge Country, 24, n7/8: 3, 52-53 (five photographs).
  • (2011, May/June), Water Abstractions: Orion Magazine, 30, n3: table of contents, 73-74 (six photographs).
  • (2011, Winter) The Sisters of Cootes Store: Precipitate Journal, 2: n4 (eight photograph series)
  • (2011, Winter) Riffing on Whirlpools: Numéro Cinq (seven photograph series) Selected for The Best of Numéro Cinq, Volume I.
  • (2010, Fall) Maggie and the Gourd, Sisters and the Bubble: Shots, 109: 8, 11 (two full page photographs).
  • (2010, July/August), Equus and Horses in Motion: Orion Magazine, table of contents double page spread and full page image (two photographs).
    Photographs appear as a full page and a double page spread in Orion Magazine (winner of the 2010 Utne Press Award for General Excellence).
  • (2010, January 25) A public display of affection: WMRA blog (6 photographs appear on the web site).
    Photographed NPR’s Carl Kassell for WMRA in Harrisonburg.
  • (2009, May/June) Spring, George Washington National Forest and Leaves in Ice: Orion Magazine, 28, n3:39-40 (two photographs).
  • (2008, Summer) Traces of Place. Ruminate: Faith in Literature and Art 8:cover, inside cover, 63-64. Featured artist (cover photo, three additional photos, artist’s statement and biography).
  • (2007, Oct) Eastern Tiger Swallowtail: National Geographic Traveler magazine, 24, n7:68 (photograph).
  • (2006, Spring) Cover photo: Rock & Sling: A Journal of Literature, Art, and Faith 3, n1.
  • (2005, Spring) The creatures among us. Rock & Sling: A Journal of Literature, Art, and Faith 2, n1:cover, 10, 17, 32, 49, 129, 130-134. Featured artist (cover photo, five additional photos, extended artist’s statement and biography).

Press photography of recording artist David Stith appeared in the following national and international magazines, newspapers and web sites:

* (2009, November 1) Interview with DM Stith: Sojourners, God’s Politics Blog
  • (2009, May 22) Live Review – DM Stith: Esquire UK online
  • (2009, April 15) Dm Stith: Morning Glory Cloud:
  • (2009, April) Mojo: 109.
  • (2009, April) The Month’s Best Debuts: Uncut Magazine 87.
  • (2009, March 22) The Music Mix Blog: DM Stith on his first SXSW, working with Sufjan Stevens, and more: Entertainment Weekly/
  • (2009, March 8) Breaking Act: David Stith: The Sunday Times/Times Online
  • (2009, March 3) Artist of the Week: DM Stith: Paste
  • (2009, March 1) How a job at Starbucks rescued my career: The Observer | Review. The Guardian (London) Music 9.
  • (2008, December 30) Lydverket: The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
  • (2008, November 22) DM Stith Curtain Speech: Les Inrocks (France’s largest culture and music magazine).


Scholarly Presentations and Abstracts

  • (2015) Conservation Photography 101. Presentation at the North American Nature Photographers Summit in San Diego.
  • (2013) Below the Surface. Multimedia presentation on underwater photography for Shenandoah Photographic Society.
  • (2010) Textbook reviewer for Focal Press. Reviewed the full manuscript of Color Photography (5th edition) by Robert Hirsch.
  • (2006, June) Panel respondent for visiting scholar, David Whisnant, at National Endowment for the Humanities Appalachian Studies institute, Ferrum College, Ferrum, VA (invited).