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Priscilla Simmons

DEPARTMENT: Lancaster RN to BS

POSITION: Professor


POSITION: Professor

PHONE: (717) 397-5190


Dr. Simmons is a professor in the RN-to-BS program in Lancaster, PA and also in the online RN-to-BS and MSN programs. She earned her EdD from Teacher’s College at Columbia University, an MSN from Columbia University, an MsEd from Temple University and her BS from Messiah College. Her clinical focus has been medical-surgical and critical care nursing. Her doctoral research focused on effectiveness of the nursing school environment and the development of caring ability among nursing students. She is married to Mark Simmons who is the Director of the School of Respiratory Therapy at York College of Pennsylvania. Dr Simmons has two children two grandsons and one grand-daughter: Clinton is married to Christina Yoder and they have a son, Everett and a daughter, Evangelina. Ted is married to Heather Edelman and they have a son, Mason.

Dr. Simmons is involved in the Lancaster Brethren in Christ Church. Her additional interests include gardening and in particular, her role as a Penn State Master Gardener.


EdD Teacher’s College at Columbia University
M.S.N. Columbia University
M.S.Ed Temple University
B.S. Messiah College


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Scholarly Presentations and Abstracts

Poison Ivy. Nurses Week Continuing Education Presentation at EMU at Lancaster, May 4, 2016.

Leaves of Three, Let It Be. Presentation at the Lancaster, Pennsylvania Native Plant and Wildlife Festival, April 25, 2015.

Using a Wiki to Teach the IOM in an Online MSN course. Poster presentation at the Stewart Conference, Teachers College, Columbia University, April, 2014