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Mike Medley

POSITION: Professor Emeritus/English



Mike Medley has chaired the Department of Language and Literature since August 2013. Within the department, he coordinates the minor in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) and regularly teaches courses TESOL and general education courses in writing and speech. He specializes in language and culture, English grammar, and methods of language teaching. He also serves as adviser for international students in EMU’s Bridge Program.

Prior to returning to teaching full-time in 2009, Medley served for 10 years as director of EMU’s Intensive English Program . He has published recently in TESOL Journal, SPELT Journal, CELEA News, College Teaching, Christian Scholar’s Review, Global Issues in Language Education, and the International Journal of Christianity and English Language Teaching.

He is co-author and editor of a popular teacher resource manual How to Teach English: A Survival Kit for Teachers of English at the Early Stages, which was published in Pakistan (1994) where he and his family lived and worked from 1983-94.

Current research interests include the second language acquisition experiences of trauma-affected learners and strategies for teaching such learners; teaching culture and intercultural communication as a means of peacebuilding; and scaffolding English language learners’ access to academic language in complex texts. His forthcoming publication (Westbow Press, 2016) is a textbook for high intermediate and advanced learners of English that integrates language instruction with content related to trauma awareness and resilience—_Resilience: Learning English in Tough Times_.


BA, Geneva College (Bibical Studies & English)
MA, Western Kentucky University (Bibical Studies & English)
MA, Indiana University (Linguistics)
PHD, Indiana University (English)

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