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Patience Kamau

DEPARTMENT: CJP - Center for Justice & Peacebuilding

POSITION: Assistant to Executive Dir

LOCATION: Main Campus, Harrisonburg | MS 111

PHONE: (540) 432-4979

EMAIL: patience.kamau@emu.edu

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase ‘each other’ doesn’t make any sense.”


What if “the field” is compassion?
That when we lie in it, we see pieces of ourselves in each other
so that my understanding of “I” ceases to be,
as it merges with your diminishing sense of “I”?

What if “the field" isn’t about who wins the argument,
but rather about a struggle to maintaining the capacity to see humanity,
dignity and worthiness in the other?


BS, Eastern Mennonite University
MA, Eastern Mennonite University

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