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Greta Ann Herin

DEPARTMENT: Biology Dept

POSITION: Associate Professor

DEPARTMENT: MA in Biomedicine

POSITION: Professor

LOCATION: Main Campus, Harrisonburg | SSC 026G

PHONE: (540) 432-4414


Greta Ann Herin has taught a wide variety of courses in general biology, biomedicine, and general education. Courses include: Advanced Human Anatomy; Faith, Science and Ethics; Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II; Neuropsychology; Advanced Neurobiology (undergraduate and masters-level students) ; Mammalian Physiology; Molecules, Genes, and Cells; Biological Explorations; and a Senior Seminar “The Elephant and the Rider”. She has also co-taught Concepts in Biology; a Senior Seminar “Form, Finitude and Faith”; a Senior Seminar “Origins”; and a Colloquium “Passion and Obsession”.

Greta Ann serves as a Pre-professional Health Sciences advisor.

She has dual Bachelors Degrees in Biochemistry and Psychology from Kansas State University and a Ph.D. in Neurobiology from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Her dissertation covers interactions among modulators of NMDA receptors, an important glutamate receptor in the brain. In addition Dr. Herin did a post-doctoral fellowship at the Max-Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt, Germany. There she studied metabotropic glutamate receptors.


Doctor of Philosophy
Program in Neurobiology (2003)
Department of Neurobiology
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA
Dissertation Advisor: Elias Aizenman, Ph.D.


Bachelors of Sciences
Biochemistry (1994)
Psychology (1993)
Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS


Journal articles

  • Caldwell, J.H+., Herin, G.A+., Nagel, G., Bamberg, E., Scheschonka, A., Betz, H. (2008).
    Increases in intracellular calcium triggered by channelrhodopsin-2 potentiate the response of metabotropic glutamate receptor mGluR7.
    J Biol Chem. Sep 5;283(36):24300-7.
    + co-first authors
  • Zhang C.S., Bertaso F., Eulenburg V., Lerner-Natoli M., Herin G.A., Bauer L., Bockaert J., Fagni L., Betz H., Scheschonka A. (2008)
    Knock-in mice lacking the PDZ-ligand motif of mGluR7a show impaired PKC-dependent autoinhibition of glutamate release, spatial working memory deficits, and increased susceptibility to pentylenetetrazol.
    J Neurosci. 2008 Aug 20;28(34):8604-14.
  • Mead, K., Dearworth, J., Grisham, W., Herin, G.A., Jarrad, H., Paul, C.A., Waldeck, R., Yates, J., Young, J. (2007)
    IFEL Tour: A description of the Introduction to FUN Electrophysiology Labs Workshop at Bowdon College July 27-30.
    Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience.
  • Lu, Y., Epstein, P., Li, Y., Herin, G.A., Aizenman, E., and Rosenberg, P. (2004)
    Elevation of intracellular cAMP evokes activity-dependent release of adenosine in cultured rat forebrain neurons.
    European Journal of Neuroscience 19(10): 2669-81.
  • Legos J.J., McLaughlin, B., Skaper, S.D., Strijbos, P.J.M.L., Parsons, A.A., Aizenman, E., Barone, F.C., Herin, G.A., Erhardt, J.A. (2001)
    The selective p38 inhibitor SKB-239063 protects primary neurons from mild to moderate excitotoxic injury.
    European Journal of Pharmacology 447(1): 37-42.



  • Herin, G.A. (2003) Studies on Role of the N-terminal Domain of NR1 in the Redox Modulation of NR2A-Containing NMDA Receptors. Ph.D. Dissertation. University of Pittsburgh ETD

Scholarly Presentations and Abstracts

*Herin, G.A. (2015) The critical developmental stage of eye opening influences calcium dependent inactivation of calcium channels in striatal neurons in a region dependent manner. Invited Speaker, Department of Biology Seminar Series, James Madison University.

*Herin G.A. (2014) The role of calcium in neurophysiology as a signal and a feedback inhibitor: two cases. Keynote Speaker, Western Pennsylvania Undergraduate Psychology Conference.

  • Herin, G.A., Hannum, C.D., Vecchiarelli, H.A., Smucker, J. (2011) Metabotropic glutamate receptor 7a is inhibited by lead (Pb2+) in a concentration-dependent manner in Xenopus oocytes. Society for Neuroscience Meeting.
  • Herin, G.A. (2009) Modulation of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor 7a in Xenopus Oocytes: Potentiation by Intracellular Calcium and Inhibition by Lead Chloride. Invited Speaker, Krasnow Institute for Advanced Studies, George Mason University
  • Herin G.A., Caldwell III, J.H., Scheschonka, A., Betz, H. (2006) Intracellular calcium modulates beta-gamma signaling of the metabotropic glutamate receptor 7. Federation for European Neuroscience Meeting.
  • Herin, G.A., Zheng, F., Le, P., and Aizenman, E. (2002) Evidence for an interaction between N-terminal redox sensitive cysteines and a polyamine modulatory site of the NR1/NR2A NMDA receptor. Society for Neuroscience Meeting.
  • Herin, G.A., Sinor, J.D., and Aizenman, E. (2001) Spermine inhibits DTT potentiation of responses mediated by cysteine mutant recombinant NMDA receptors. Society for Neuroscience Meeting.
  • Herin, G.A. and Aizenman, E. (2000) Ebselen oxidizes the NMDA receptor: A novel mechanism for neuroprotection. Society for Neuroscience Meeting.