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Sarah Bixler

Assistant Professor of Formation & Practical Theology; Associate Dean - Seminary

Phone: (540) 432-4264

Email: sarah.bixler@emu.edu

Anne Blackwood-Chirchir

Affiliate - Seminary

Email: anne.blackwood-chirchir@emu.edu

Beth Brunk

Registration Coordinator

Phone: (540) 432-4111

Email: beth.brunk@emu.edu

George Brunk III

Professor Emeritus/Seminary

Phone: (540) 432-4262

Email: brunkg@emu.edu

Kevin A. Clark

Adjunct Faculty

Phone: (540) 432-4217

Email: clarkka@emu.edu

Jacob Cook

Seminary Grant Program Director

Phone: (540) 432-4229

Email: jacob.cook@emu.edu

Michael Danner

Adjunct Faculty

Kenton Derstine

Faculty Emeritus/Seminary

Phone: (540) 432-4565

Email: derstine@emu.edu

Penny Driediger

Assistant Professor of the Practice of Supervised Ministry

Phone: (540) 432-4218

Email: penny.driediger@emu.edu

David Evans

Associate Professor of History & Intercultural Studies

Phone: (540) 432-4265

Email: david.evans@emu.edu

Mark Fretz

Adjunct Faculty

Email: mark.fretz@emu.edu

Nancy Heisey

Prof Emerita/BibStudies&ChHist

Phone: (540) 432-4050

Email: nancy.heisey@emu.edu

Brett Isernhagen

Adjunct Faculty

Email: brett.isernhagen@emu.edu

Chris Johnson

Adjunct Faculty

Courtney Joyner

Instructor of Formation

Phone: (540) 432-4255

Email: courtney.joyner@emu.edu

Brandi Kirkland

Affiliate - Seminary

Email: brandi.kirkland@emu.edu

Lesley McClendon

Adjunct Faculty

Wendy Miller

Faculty Emerita/Seminary

Mark Thiessen Nation

Professor Emeritus/Seminary

Phone: (540) 432-4962

Email: mark.nation@emu.edu

Debra Pardini

Seminary Administrative Assistant

Phone: (540) 432-4260

Email: debra.pardini@emu.edu

Ned Parker

Adjunct Faculty; Seminary Chaplain - Seminary

Email: ned.parker@emu.edu

Stephanie Powell

Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible

Email: stephanie.powell@emu.edu

Jonny Rashid

Affiliate - Seminary

Email: jonny.rashid@emu.edu

Timothy Reardon

Assistant Professor of New Testament

Email: timothy.reardon@emu.edu

Emily Servant

Adjunct Faculty

Email: emily.servant@emu.edu

Kathy Smith

Operations and Finance Director

Phone: (540) 432-4691

Email: kathy.smith@emu.edu

Linford Stutzman

Professor Emeritus/Seminary

Phone: (540) 432-4968

Email: stutzmal@emu.edu

Andrew Suderman

Affiliate Associate Professor

Phone: (540) 432-4464

Email: andrew.suderman@emu.edu

Dorothy Jean Weaver

Professor Emerita/Seminary

Phone: (540) 432-4276

Email: weaverdj@emu.edu

Lonnie Yoder

Professor Emeritus/Seminary

Phone: (540) 432-4272

Email: yoderld@emu.edu

Nate Yoder (Deceased)

Professor Emeritus/Seminary

Lawrence Yoder

Professor Emeritus/Seminary

Phone: (540) 432-4262

Email: yoderlm@emu.edu

Paul Zehr

Professor Emeritus/Seminary

Email: zehrpm@emu.edu

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