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Hannah Cash
Admissions Counselor

Phone: (540) 432-4126

Email: hannah.cash@emu.edu

Ben Durren
Admissions Counselor

Phone: (540) 432-4143

Email: ben.durren@emu.edu

Katie Fisher
Transfer Admissions Counselor

Phone: (540) 432-4125

Email: katie.fisher@emu.edu

Ericka Gingerich
Receptionist/Campus Visit Coor

Phone: (540) 432-4118

Email: ericka.gingerich@emu.edu

Maddie Gish
Admissions Counselor

Phone: (540) 432-4118

Email: maddie.gish@emu.edu

Cheryl Helmuth Logan
Director of Admissions

Phone: (540) 432-4689

Email: cheryl.helmuthlogan@emu.edu

Katy Hopkins
Open House Coordinator

Email: katy.hopkins@emu.edu

Harrison Jarrett
Inq/Communications Processor

Email: harrison.jarrett@emu.edu

Beth Lineweaver
Admissions Data Manager

Phone: (540) 432-4120

Email: elizabeth.lineweaver@emu.edu

Cerrie Mendoza
Admissions Counselor

Phone: (540) 432-4127

Email: cerrie.mendoza@emu.edu

Luke Mullet

Phone: (540) 432-4119

Email: luke.mullet@emu.edu

Veva Mumaw
Seminary Admissions

Phone: (540) 432-4257

Email: veva.mumaw@emu.edu

Travis Pettit
Dir of Admissions & Marketing

Phone: (540) 432-4027

Email: travis.pettit@emu.edu

Matt Ruth

Phone: (540) 432-4124

Email: matthew.ruth@emu.edu

Micah Shristi

Phone: (540) 432-4459

Email: micah.shristi@emu.edu

Phil Tieszen
Associate Director

Phone: (540) 432-4122

Email: philip.tieszen@emu.edu

Michael Whetzel
Marketing & Admissions Advisor

Phone: (540) 432-4983

Email: michael.whetzel@emu.edu

Elizabeth Witmer
Office Coordinator and Coordinator of Admissions

Phone: (540) 432-4053

Email: elizabeth.witmer@emu.edu

David Yoder
Asst Director of Admissions

Phone: (540) 432-4123

Email: david.yoder@emu.edu

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