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Ron Adams
Adjunct Faculty

Email: ron.adams@emu.edu

Sarah Bixler
Adjunct Faculty

Phone: (540) 432-4264

Email: sarah.bixler@emu.edu

Beth Brunk
Registration Coordinator

Phone: (540) 432-4111

Email: beth.brunk@emu.edu

Kevin A Clark
Assistant Professor, Seminary Campus Pastor and Campus Ministries Pastor

Phone: (540) 432-4217

Email: clarkka@emu.edu

Sue Cockley
Dean of Graduate & Seminary

Phone: (540) 432-4984

Email: cockleys@emu.edu

Kenton Derstine
Assoc Prof of Sprvd Ministry and Dir of CPE & Mentored Ministry

Phone: (540) 432-4565

Email: derstine@emu.edu

Penny Driediger
Supervisor, CPE and Adjunct Faculty

Phone: (540) 432-4218

Email: penny.driediger@emu.edu

Peter Dula
Department Chair and Associate Professor

Phone: (540) 432-4466

Email: peter.dula@emu.edu

David Evans
Assoc Prof-History and Mission

Phone: (540) 432-4265

Email: david.evans@emu.edu

Amy Fetterman
Adjunct Faculty

Email: amy.fetterman@emu.edu

Reta Finger
Adjunct Faculty

Phone: (540) 432-4276

Email: lareta.finger@emu.edu

Mark Fretz
Adjunct Faculty

Email: mark.fretz@emu.edu

Jason Gerlach
Associate Pastor

Email: jason.gerlach@emu.edu

Ted Grimsrud
Adjunct Faculty

Email: ted.grimsrud@emu.edu

Nancy Heisey

Phone: (540) 432-4050

Email: nancy.heisey@emu.edu

Pauline Hoyte
Adjunct Faculty

Matthew Hunsberger
Assistant Director

Phone: (540) 432-4671

Email: matthew.hunsberger@emu.edu

Courtney Joyner

Phone: (540) 432-4219

Email: courtney.joyner@emu.edu

James Krabill
Adjunct Instructor

Email: james.krabill@emu.edu

Steve Kriss
Adjunct Faculty

Email: stephen.kriss@emu.edu

Brenda Martin Hurst
Director Thriving in Ministry

Email: brenda.hurst@emu.edu

Brad McMullen
Adjunct Faculty

Wendy Miller
Ajdunct Faculty

Veva Mumaw
Seminary Admissions

Phone: (540) 432-4257

Email: veva.mumaw@emu.edu

Mary Thiessen Nation
Adjunct Faculty

Phone: (540) 432-4247

Email: maryt.nation@emu.edu

Mark Thiessen Nation
Professor Emeritus/Seminary

Phone: (540) 432-4962

Email: mark.nation@emu.edu

Emily North
Administrative Assistant

Phone: (540) 432-4261

Email: emily.north@emu.edu

Brinton Rutherford
Adjunct Faculty

Email: brinton.rutherford@emu.edu

Andrea Saner
Assistant Professor of OT

Phone: (540) 432-4199

Email: andrea.saner@emu.edu

Carmen Schrock-Hurst

Phone: (540) 432-4263

Email: carmen.schrock-hurst@emu.edu

Emily Servant
Adjunct Faculty

Email: emily.ralphservant@emu.edu

Chris Sharp
Adjunct Faculty

Email: chris.sharp@emu.edu

Paula Stoltzfus

Email: paula.stoltzfus@emu.edu

Linford Stutzman
Adjunct Faculty and Director of Coffman Center

Phone: (540) 432-4968

Email: stutzmal@emu.edu

Ervin Stutzman
Adjunct Faculty

Email: ervin.stutzman@emu.edu

Krishana Suckau
Adjunct Faculty

Email: krishana.suckau@emu.edu

Andrew Suderman
Assistant Professor

Phone: (540) 432-4464

Email: andrew.suderman@emu.edu

Dorothy Jean Weaver
Professor Emerita/Seminary

Phone: (540) 432-4276

Email: weaverdj@emu.edu

Sandy Wenger
Adjunct Faculty

Email: sandra.wenger@emu.edu

Lawrence Yoder
Professor Emeritus/Seminary

Phone: (540) 432-4262

Email: yoderlm@emu.edu

Lonnie Yoder

Phone: (540) 432-4272

Email: yoderld@emu.edu

Paul Zehr
Professor Emeritus

Email: zehrpm@emu.edu

Lester Zook
Adjunct Faculty

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