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Traffic and Parking Violations

EMU parking regulations apply to any person parking a motor vehicle on the EMU property. Violators will be subject to fines as presented. Ignorance of a regulation is not grounds for cancellation of a fine.

Download the parking citation appeal form (PDF)

A motor vehicle means any motor vehicle requiring state registration and licensing for operation on a public road or highway.

EMU assumes no responsibility for the safety or security of personal motor vehicles or their contents while on campus, nor for the driving practices of individuals. The individual in whose name a motor vehicle is registered shall be totally responsible for that vehicle while it is on campus.

Campus Traffic Regulations

Driving on the grass, sidewalks or other areas not designated for vehicle traffic is prohibited.

Motorcycles must comply to standard muffler requirements to eliminate excessive noise. Motorcycles are not to be driven on sidewalks or on the grass. They must follow all regulations expected of car owners and are not to be parked on the sidewalks by the dormitories or in buildings for any reason. Failure to comply may result in removal by impounding the motorcycle at the owner’s expense.

Failure to Register Vehicles

Failure to register a vehicle results in a $60 fine. If a vehicle is registered within seven days of receiving a citation, the fine will be waived. The registration fee for the academic year for the permit is $60.

On the third offense of failing to register a vehicle, the vehicle will be towed and impounded at the owner’s expense. Call 540-434-4193 to contact the contracted towing company or call the police department’s non-emergency number at 540-434-4436.

Parking for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Traditional gasoline and diesel vehicles will be ticketed if found in the Woods Dorm area parking spaces with green signs labeled “Hybrid and EV Parking Only.” These spaces provide for a LEED credit which helped the university secure gold certification for Cedarwood dormitory.

Other Fees and Violations

There is a $100 fine for parking in a handicapped zone and parking in a fire lane or within 15 feet of fire hydrant or connection. Under state statute, vehicles are at risk of being towed on the first offense for these violations.

Additional fines of $50 will be assessed for parking:

  • in wrong parking lot
  • in a loading zone
  • on grass, sidewalk or crosswalk
  • in alley or driveway-blocking these spaces
  • in mode of double parking
  • in hybrid/electric parking and not having that designated vehicle
  • motorcycles in buildings or out of designated spaces.

There is a $15 fine for a parking permit that is improperly displayed.

Traffic violation fines will be placed on the violator’s EMU account in the Business Office.

Submit the parking citation appeal form (PDF) to appeal the fine. The appeals committee will make a decision within 30 days.

Harrisonburg Police Department

Incidents referred to Harrisonburg Police Department for prosecution:

  • Accidents involving a licensed vehicle
  • Vandalism or theft involving a vehicle
  • Parking in bicycle lanes on Park Road
  • Reckless driving
    • Excessive speed on campus streets
    • Driving on pedestrian walkways
    • Driving on lawns or athletic fields

There are no exemptions for tickets issued by Harrisonburg Police Department.

EMU reserves the right to remove or to have removed by impounding or immobilizing any vehicle which is parked in violation of EMU regulations. The owners of such vehicles will be required to pay all costs of removing, impounding or storing such vehicles.

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