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“Holy Week Chapel: What was the last supper of Jesus?” – Rabbi Niles Goldstein

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Explore the meaning and symbols of Passover and the Seder Meal with Rabbi Niles Goldstein, visiting Jewish scholar, prior to the invitation by campus pastors into the symbolism of bread and cup in what has come to be called Holy Communion for many Christians. ——- Niles Goldstein is a rabbi and the award-winning author… Read more »

“CIE Interfaith Forum: Part II” – Amir Akrami and Mark Thiessen Nation

& Center for Interfaith Engagement, Faculty/Staff Speakers.

Pluralism, Particularity & the Way to Peace, II: Why Do We — a Muslim & a Mennonite— Care About This? A year ago the Center for Interfaith Engagement’s Visiting Muslim Scholar and theologian Dr. Amir Akrami and Mennonite theologian and Eastern Mennonite Seminary professor Dr. Mark Thiessen Nation engaged in a public discussion about… Read more »

CIE Lecture: “Experiences of a Palestinian Christian” – Salim Munayer

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A typical Western view is that Palestinian Christians feel threatened by Muslims, but the polling data shows that Palestinian Christians are emigrating because of hardships caused by the Israeli occupation. How does Christian Zionism impact the daily lives of Palestinians, and how has it created a disconnect between American churches and Palestinian Christians? What… Read more »

“Discern Love for Enemies” – Dr. John Fairfield

& Center for Interfaith Engagement, Chapel Gathering in the Seminary, Seminary.

Dr. John Fairfield, Research Fellow for EMU’s Center for Interfaith Engagement, addresses Chapel Gathering in the seminary with the topic, “Discern love for enemies” The entire campus community is invited to every chapel service on campus. Eastern Mennonite Seminary hosts chapel gatherings in Martin Chapel every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 11:00.

“Rumi: The man, his faith, and some poetry” – Dr. Amir Akrami

& Center for Interfaith Engagement, Faculty/Staff Speakers.

Visiting scholar from Iran, Dr. Amir Akrami, is an expert on Rumi and Islamic mysticism. He leads bi-weekly readings and discussions on Rumi and his work. For hundreds of years Rumi has been one of the greatest poets of the Persian world and one of the most popular poets in the world. In recent… Read more »

“Spiritual Writing and Spiritual Writers” – Rabbi Niles Goldstein

& Center for Interfaith Engagement.

Rabbi Niles Goldstein, founder of the New Shul in New York City and author most recently of Gonzo Judaism: A Bold Guide to Renewing an Ancient Faith, presents a talk on spiritual writings. Goldstein’s talk describes a course he teaches called “Spiritual Writing and Spiritual Writers” that draws on devotional literature from various religious… Read more »

CIE Interfaith Forum: Dr. Jon Hoover

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Dr. Jon Hoover, a leading Mennonite Islamics scholar and professor at The University of Nottingham, presents a CIE forum on “Christian-Muslim Relations in the Arab Middle East: The Long View of History.” He analyzes the history of Christian-Muslim relations in the Middle East leading up to the present. Jon spent a number of years… Read more »

“Buddhist Psychology” – Russell Pyle ’03

& Center for Interfaith Engagement, Homecoming.

Russell James Pyle ’03, psychotherapist and PhD student in counselor education at the University of New Mexico, presents on Buddhist psychology. From Russell: “With the rise of the mindfulness movement in psychotherapy, there has been a renewed interest in the wisdom psychology of Buddhism. Buddhist principles can be beneficial to the process of healing… Read more »

CIE Interfaith Forum: Amir Akrami and Mark Thiessen Nation

& Center for Interfaith Engagement, Faculty/Staff Speakers.

Amir Akrami and Mark Thiessen Nation – Pluralism, Particularity & the Way to Peace: A Muslim and a Mennonite in Dialogue. Thiessen Nation is Professor of Theology at Eastern Mennonite Seminary and Akrami is Visiting Muslim Scholar at EMU’s Center for Interfaith Engagement. They each speak from their respective approaches followed by opportunity to… Read more »

CIE Interfaith Forum: Najeeba Syeed Miller

& Center for Interfaith Engagement.

Najeeba Syeed Miller, professor of inter-religious education at Claremont School of Theology and Director of the Center for Global Peacebuilding, speaks on, “Prophetic Peacebuilding: Abrahamic Visions for Peace.” A practitioner and educator in conflict resolution among communities of ethnic and religious diversity, her involvements include conducting gang interventions, implementing diversity training in universities and… Read more »