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Public Transportation

Traveling within Harrisonburg

Bus transportation is available in Harrisonburg, although it is not as frequent and convenient as you might have experienced at home. There is a small fee for service to the Valley Mall and downtown Harrisonburg but it does not run at night, so if you go out during the day, be sure you are aware of the time and bus schedule for your return. The ISA will provide you with a bus schedule upon request. The ISAwill also provide you with a map of Harrisonburg and vicinity should you desire. There is also taxicab service in Harrisonburg you can find the phone number in the yellow pages of the phone book.

Traveling outside Harrisonburg

Many of you entered the US through Dulles Airport, approximately 2 hours from EMU. You wish to travel out of Dulles, you may place at ad on EMUs web-based bulletin board, or place a hand-written sign on the bulletin board in the Campus Center next to the Post Office (by the vending machines) offering to pay someone to take you to the airport. Often students find friends with cars who are willing to make the trip for a fee.

Driver’s License

Many students may wish to obtain a Virginia Drivers license or State Identification Card- many businesses will request one of them for purpose of check cashing. In order to obtain a Drivers license, you will need to take a written test related to driving laws in Virginia, followed by driving test. You will need to provide a car for the driving test- often people ask a friend with a car to accompany them. You do not have to take any tests in order to obtain a State ID, but you will need to provide documents of identification and residence.

Applications for both a license and ID plus additional information can be obtained by visiting the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles website . The required documents have changed significantly in recent months. Currently, you will need to provide the following documents when you apply for a license (but be sure to check the DMV web site for accurate, updated information):

  • Proof of Identity (2x) – suggestions: unexpired foreign passport with an I-94, certified copy of school transcripts, DS 2019, Form I-20
  • Proof of Legal Presence – suggestion: unexpired foreign passport with I-94 and either a valid DS 2019 or Form I-20
  • Proof of Virginia Residency – suggestions: payroll check stub issued in last two months, original monthly bank statement issued in last two months, utility bills not more than 2 months old, certified copy of school transcripts with current address.
  • Proof of Social Security Number – provide Social Security Card – if you have not been issued one, please kindly explain that you are not eligible to receive a social security number
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