Psychology Club

About Us

Hello and Welcome! The Psychology Club is one of the many organizations here at EMU.  During the year, we aim to bring aspects of Psychology onto campus that can help aid in the learning process of college, promote supportive mental health groups, and bring resources onto campus to teach about different area's of the Psychological Community.

Some events that are often help by Psych Club include:

  • Dog Therapy
  • The Walk for Hope
  • A Graduate panel offering insight on different fields of Psychology

What We Do

Some of our main focuses as Psych Club are:

  • To be present with others
  • Connect with students interested in psychology
  • Focus on the practical application of psychological theories and ideas
  • Bring a more complete view of the world of psychology
  • Apply psychological ideas and use them to enrich life at EMU
  • Engage with the mental health community in Harrisonburg


If you are curious in joining Psychology Club, please feel free to email the current president(s) of Psych Club or Gregory Koop at

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