Royals Lifting

Royals Lifting was founded in 2016, to enhance the community feel that makes lifting and exercising so enjoyable. The idea was originally to start a club based around powerlifting and bodybuilding, but it quickly became clear that this club could be so much more. Now Royals Lifting encourages, not only those interested in lifting, but any one interested in fitness to join the club. Royals Lifting seeks to educate and motivate individuals of all backgrounds, so everyone can improve their lives through fitness!

About Royals Lifting

Our mission statement: Royals Lifting's purpose is to provide lifters, whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced, an environment that will encourage spiritual, mental and physical growth.

How we achieve this: Our club offers some fantastic perks to help us achieve our goal of creating a strong community through fitness.

  • Weekly meeting help educate club member's about proper technique, nutrition, and programming to tailor their training.
  • Our interactive spread sheet is accessible by all club members and is used to connect club members. This interactive tool, allows club members to enter when they are going to the gym and what workout they are doing, so other club members can join them. This helps get rid of the fear of lifting alone that so many people have!
  • Social media is one more way Royals Lifting stays connected with its members. Our Facebook page acts as a portal for useful information, so members do not have to weed through endless unreliable information online. Also, this page acts as a way to highlight club member's accomplishments.
  • Finally, fun events, such as lifting competitions, bring members together to challenge each other, but more importantly, to get to know each other and to build a true strength community.

Whether they be on a deadlift platform or in a classroom, Royals Lifting motivates members in all walks of live, so they can achieve true greatness. Our goal is to educate members and to build a strength community that can be taken outside of the fitness center and into society. Together we rise!

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