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Latino Student Alliance
Latino Student Alliance has been part of EMU’s campus since 1996. Founder Rick Castaneda said, “Intentionally, from the very beginning, every meeting was a celebration of relationship with each other.” 
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Latino Student Alliance (LSA)

About us

Latino Student Alliance (LSA) is a source of encouragement, strength and support for Latino students. It is another outlet for people to be themselves and facilitate the transition for Hispanic students to the University. LSA provides a place for Latino students to celebrate and take pride in their heritage as well as an opportunity for non-Latinos to embrace the rich culture of the Spanish speaking people.

LSA will be a voice to allow the concerns, fears, frustrations, joys, and issues of the Latino students on campus to be heard. Education and awareness are implicit in this goal, to allow others to celebrate Hispanic culture as well. Members are encouraged to participate in other clubs and organizations. We will seek to nurture and encourage the spiritual lives of each member.


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