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The International Student Organization (ISO) encourages friendship and cultural awareness within the EMUcommunity by organizing and participating in social activities and all-campus events. We seek to develop a campus atmosphere where all students, and international students especially, can meet and share in their different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures.

ISO’s mission is to represent and display the international diversity in the heart of EMU. ISO brings the world to the soil of the EMU campus, organizing and participating in events that contribute to the development of an international body at EMU.


Though the first international student arrived in 1947, the International Student Club did not begin until 1962. The club was described as “the link which helps students from other countries to receive the most from their American experience and gives American students a chance to learn about the customs of other countries.” It operated off and on for the next thirty years (it does not appear to have been very active in the 1970s and early 1980s), with the club often putting on meals and informal meetings where students could fellowship and get to know different cultures. In 1992 it became known as the International Student Organization. Since then the organization has frequently held potlucks, international fashion shows, movie nights, and hosted various outings.


Our main mission is to help make our international voice heard on campus. We’re encouraging diversity on campus to allow all our beautiful cultures to be known, appreciated, and most importantly understood, despite language barriers. The spark for this club is to support any ambitious student to be successful at EMU and beyond, regardless of their country of origin.

We aim to bring students from a variety of nations together, creating space for international and local students to build up a legacy for generations to come.

Interaction with the EMU Community

A group that works together, accomplishes amazing things.

The ISO organizes a variety of events, encouraging collaboration within our group and with the local student body, and EMU staff and faculty. In addition to weekly meetings, our main events include the International Food Festival and a charitable fundraiser each year.



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