Cycling Club

Bike Co-op

Located in the basement of Blosser House (see campus map), the College Street Co-op provides a space for students to learn and practice bicycle repair and maintenance. Through bicycle rentals, educational classes, and an available workspace, the co-op is an asset to students who choose the bicycle as their alternative form of transportation.

Cycling in Harrisonburg

EMU Bike Co-opHarrisonburg is becoming ever more bicycle friendly. Many locally-owned shops and restaurants are easily accessible with a short one-mile bike ride. Students who choose to use the bicycle, as transportation, will join the city’s vibrant community of active commuter cyclists.

Student Bike Rentals

The co-op staff maintains a fleet of rental bikes for EMUstudents. For rates, contact:

The Work Space

The bike co-op has a full set of bicycle specific tools complete with two professional work stands. These allow a knowledgeable mechanic to complete almost any repair and provide for a novice mechanic the opportunity to learn with the correct tools at hand.

Co-op Membership

A membership to the bike co-op is a great opportunity for do-it-yourselfers, because it grants access to the tools, repair manuals, and workspace. Co-op hours vary from semester to semester but shop time can be reserved by appointment. Not the DIY type? A membership is still a good idea, because it allows you to get your bike tuned up for free by knowledgeable mechanics on the repair day that is scheduled each semester.
EMU Bike Co-op

Contact us for rates.

Expertise and Parts

The College Street Co-op has a long-standing partnership with Harrisonburg’s mobile bike shop Wyse Cycles . Wyse Cycles provide high quality affordable parts to EMU students through the co-op. Students can also stop by the Wyse Cycles trailer when it is parked on campus for some advice, a tune-up, or just a friendly chat.

Advice From Fellow Bikers

Many students on campus volunteer in the bike co-op. They are always happy to offer advice, whether you have a question about bike repair, bike commuting in Harrisonburg, or the theological aspects of bicycle travel. Contact us at for more info.

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