Eastern Mennonite Seminary

Seminary Outcomes

Seminary graduates lead and serve in a wide-range of ministries, from professional pastoral leadership to lay ministry roles to non-profit and church para-ministry. Here is a small sample of EMS graduates and how they serve.

Wu Wei

Wu Wei, MDiv '06

President of the China Christian Council (Shanghai, China). Wu has pastored churches in China and the United States. 

Jason Wagner

Jason Wagner, MDiv '18

Licensed minister for jail chaplain ministry and mission worker of Virginia Mennonite Missions, (Harrisonburg, Va.) Wagner leads Christian services, offers pastoral care, coordinates visiting ministries, and advocates for active church involvement in jail ministry.

Brittany Caine-Conley

Brittney Caine-Conley, MDiv '17

United Church of Christ pastor and leader of Congregate Charlottesville. (Charlottesville, Va.) Conley is an activist pastor who advocates for the marginalized. 

Dennis Gingerich

Dennis Gingerich, MDiv '79

Pastor, Cape Christian Fellowship (Cape Coral, FL) Gingerich is founding pastor of Cape Christian Fellowship, with 3000 attenders weekly. He is also the lead chaplain for the Cape Coral Police Department.

EMS is committed to comprehensive assessment of both its programs and students. Among the multiple measures of assessment, two of them measure degree completion rate and percentage of graduates who are employed in ministry-related positions. The most recent statistics for these two measures are:

  • 76% of students who begin a program at EMS finish that program 1
  • 80% of students (2011-2014) are employed in a ministry setting after graduation

1. calculated by EMU Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness for students enrolled 2005-2014