Seminary Capstone Presentation – Lindsay Mustafa Davis

Lindsay Mustafa Davis, “Playing with Parables: Using Theater to Embody the Parables of Jesus with EMU Theater and EMS Students” Students in the seminary’s Master of Divinity program complete Capstone Integration Projects across the two semesters of their senior year. During the fall semester, they negotiate with the professors in the Formation in Missional Leadership class the design....

“Performing Community: Building Civic Practice Committed to Hospitality and Capacity” – Heidi Winters Vogel

Heidi Winters Vogel, associate professor of theater, presents the monthly University Colloquium address in Mainstage Theater. Heidi’s presentation is entitled “Performing Community: Building Civic Practice Committed to Hospitality and Capacity.”  Heidi is committed to using theater as a tool for social justice.  This program offers an opportunity to hear more about how she does that.

Stress and Sabbath: Finding Balance in the Chaos

Professional actors Jim and Carol Anderson Shores use theatre to explore the reality of stress in ministry and the need for sabbath. Acts of Renewal is on campus for Spiritual Life Week.