Nathan Hershberger

“With Weeping they shall Come” – Nathan Hershberger and Kaitlin Heatwole

& Chapel Gathering in the Seminary, Seminary.

Nathan Hershberger and Kaitlin Heatwole completed three years of service with MCC in Iraq in July.  They share in this Seminary Chapel Gathering out of their experiences in Iraq. Kaitlin was MCC Iraq program coordinator, and Nathan taught English at three church institutions in Erbil, Iraq, including St. Peter’s Seminary.  Both are graduates of… Read more »

Session V: “Anabaptist Witness in the Empire II” – Matthew Krabill, David Stutzman, Josh Brockway, Nathan Hershberger

& #Occupy Empire mini-conference.

#Occupy Empire: Anabaptism in God’s Mission Session V is a series of three Lectures (Note: David Stutzman’s presence in the first lecture is via Skype) Matthew Krabill and David Stutzman present on “Empire: The Mission Frontier of the Church.”  Matthew Krabill currently lives in Pasadena, CA, and is a doctoral candidate at Fuller Theological Seminary… Read more »