Meredith McNabb

“A Terrible Thing to Waste” – Lindsey Baynham

& Chapel Gathering in the Seminary, Seminary.

Meredith L. McNabb, Director and Lindsey M. Baynham, Associate Director for Call, Candidacy and Discernment of the Virginia United Methodist Conference-Center for Clergy Excellence share in Word and Table: “A Terrible Thing to Waste” (Philippians 2 – having the same mind as Christ)

“Wrestling Up” – Rev. Meredith McNabb

& Chapel Gathering in the Seminary, Discernment, Seminary.

Rev. Meredith McNabb, Director of Clergy Excellence, Board of Ordained Ministries, Virginia United Methodist Conference, United Methodist Church. “Wrestling Up” (Genesis 32:22-32 Romans 12:1-3, 9-21) This is the first of two special Eastern Mennonite Seminary chapel presentations to help us discern our way through complexities related to denominational divisions rooted in different understandings of… Read more »