Faculty/Staff Speakers

“The Next Right Thing” – Laura Lehman

& Chapel Gathering in the Seminary, Faculty/Staff Speakers, Seminary.

A Seminary Chapel Gathering worship experience with Laura Lehman, EMS Director of Admissions and Seminary Marketing and Communications.

“Sex & Millennials: #NewScripts” – Carolyn Stauffer

& Faculty/Staff Speakers, University Chapels.

The Sexuality Series begins with Dr. Carolyn Stauffer offering a spiritual (primarily Christian spirituality) and relational framing for our sexuality.

“Mary’s Way” – Nancy Heisey

& Chapel Gathering in the Seminary, Faculty/Staff Speakers, Seminary.

“Mary’s Way” Dr. Nancy Heisey–Eastern Mennonite Seminary Associate Dean, EMU Professor of Biblical Studies and Church History. Nancy has worked as a teacher and an administrator first at Mennonite Central Committee and since 1999 at EMU. Her lifelong professional and churchly involvement with Mennonites and Brethren in Christ around the world, and her research… Read more »

“Lynyrd, Loretta, and Handel Lead Heavenward: Music in Ron Rash’s World Made Straight.” – Marti Eads

& Faculty/Staff Speakers, University Colloquium Series.

Dr. Marti Eads, professor of literature, kicks off this year’s University Colloquium series an intriguing lecture: “Lynyrd, Loretta, and Handel LeadHeavenward: Music in Ron Rash’s World Made Straight.”

“GROUNDED” – Campus Ministries Team

& Faculty/Staff Speakers, Grounded, Student Speakers, University Chapels.

What does it mean to be GROUNDED!? How about Grounded in Christ? Pastoral Assistants and Campus Pastors Lana Miller and Brian Martin Burkholder open this chapel series with scripture, song, dance, reflection and an opportunity for a symbolic “grounding” through planting pansies just outside Lehman Auditorium and around campus. …and that Christ may dwell… Read more »

Opening Convocation: “Change, Hope and Promise”- Dr. Lee Snyder, Interim President

& Faculty/Staff Speakers, University Chapels.

Interim President Dr. Lee Snyder addresses the campus community on Change, Hope and Promise. We will also be sending the Cross-Cultural seminar group to Central Europe (Austria, Czech Republic, Turkey) ANDwelcoming new students to the campus community with the “Shenandoah Welcome” toward the close of the service. ——- Dr. Lee Snyder brings a lifetime of service to… Read more »

Seminary Convocation: “After the boxes are packed” – Dr. Michael King

& Chapel Gathering in the Seminary, Faculty/Staff Speakers, Seminary.

Fall Convocation 2016 “After the boxes are packed” Lamentations 3:1-26. Dr. Michael A. King, Eastern Mennonite Seminary Dean Theme: Clinging to the Lord’s steadfast love and mercies when nothing else seems available and even the assurances that our hope is in God seem insubstantial.

Service of Worship and Blessing – Homily by Celeste Thomas

& Faculty/Staff Speakers, University Chapels.

Celeste Thomas, Student Advisor for Student Athletes and Multicultural Students, delivers the homily at the Orientation Service of Worship and Blessing.

2016 Matriculation Ceremony: “Dare to Risk Love” – Dr. Fred Kniss

& Faculty/Staff Speakers.

Dr. Fred Kniss, Provost, delivers the address, “Dare to Risk Love” at the annual Matriculation Ceremony. *Note: Because of equipment malfunction, the beginning of Dr. Kniss’s speech is cut out of the recording, so there is a jump from the scripture reading to the middle of Dr. Kniss’s address.

2016 Commencement

& 2016 Commencement, Commencement, Faculty/Staff Speakers, Student Speakers.

EMU celebrates the University’s 98th Annual Commencement. Dr. Loren Swartzendruber offers the Commencement address.  Graduate perspectives are shared by Ruthie Beck, Londen Wheeler, Letitia Bates, and Elizabeth Girvan.