University Chapels

Chapel Address: Dr. Susan Schultz Huxman, Presidential Candidate of Choice

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The EMU Presidential Candidate of Choice, Dr. Susan Schultz Huxman, addresses the campus community with reflections from her life journey.  

Student Recognition Chapel

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University Chapel Gathering emphasizes the university’s vision of being a Learning Community as faculty and staff in several departments celebrate significant achievements of students during the Spring semester.

“Civil Rights Tour” -reflections from tour group participants

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Listen in as those who were on the spring break Civil Rights Tour reflect on what they gained from the experience.

Dedication Ceremony: “Orie O. Miller Hall of Nations” – University Commons

& Anabaptist Leadership Conference, University Chapels.

Listen to the  dedication ceremony for the Orie O. Miller Hall of Nations, a project honoring the work and life of Orie O. Miller who encouraged significant Mennonite global engagement. The Hall of Nations,  located in the University Commons, features a display of flags of the nations of all of EMU’s students, faculty, and… Read more »

“Rethinking Power: Community Organizing in the Way of Jesus” – Melissa Florer-Bixler

& University Chapels, Who do you say that I am?.

Visiting Pastor, Melissa Florer-Bixler, encourages us to “rethink power” in the ways of Jesus. She draws from experience with community organizing and inspiration for how Jesus tells us to think differently about power rather than simply embracing “powerlessness” as a Christian commitment. Melissa Florer-Bixler was on campus for EMU’s visiting pastor program. Melissa is… Read more »

Washington Community Scholars’ Center (Chapel)

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Students from the Washington Community Scholars’ Center (WCSC) report on their experiences in the capital city.

Holy Week Chapel: Alfombra for Easter

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Holy Week chapel, held in the Campus Center Greeting Hall, featured engagement with the alfombra (carpet).  The Latino Student Alliance prepared the alfombra to greet and celebrate the coming of Jesus among us! Reflect on paths we share with Jesus: immigrant, salvation, hope and suffering.

“Speaking for Peace” – C. Henry Smith Peace Oratorical Sampler

& Student Speakers, University Chapels.

Hear students speaking for peace  in preparation for the C. Henry Smith Peace Oratorical Contest to be held Friday, March 18 at 7 p.m. Hannah Chappell-Dick – “Beyond Fight or Flight: Becoming Mennonite in an Adrenaline-soaked World” Bethany Chupp – “Standing at the Door” Ethan Herman – “Active Pacifism and Using Conflict as a… Read more »

“Sending Y-Trip Groups to Serve Others in Faith”

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What does it mean to serve others in faith? The Y-Serve student organization and campus ministries will reflect on this and hear from each group departing campus to serve and learn with others. Y-Trip Locations for 2016 Civil Rights Learning Tour with Multicultural and International Student Services, the Gospel Choir, Y-Serve and the Black… Read more »

“Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery” – Erica Littlewolf

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Re“placing” ourselves and modern day realities: where do we go from here? – Erica Littlewolf ——- For more than five centuries, the Doctrine of Discovery and the laws based upon it have legalized the theft of land, labor and resources from Indigenous Peoples across the world and systematically denied their human rights. This Doctrine… Read more »