Indigenous Peoples’ Day: VeRONAka film

Screening of VeRONAka with a response from filmmaker Kahstoserakwathe Paulette Moore of The Aunties Dandelion Project and a panel of EMU faculty and staff members.
Panelists: Kahstoserakwathe Paulette Moore, Celeste Thomas, Jerry Holsopple, Katie Mansfield, and Tala Alngag Bautista with Kirsten Beachy as host.

From Kahstoserakwathe Paulette Moore:
The VeRONAka movie is a 10-minute comedy/drama with a documentary twist. The film is a fictionalized version of the true story of our clan mothers giving COVID-19 a Mohawk name so that we are able to respect the illness, understand why it is here and then invite it to leave. The main character – VeRONAka – is unleashed by the upheaval in the world and is terrorizing her community. But she didn’t count on the power of the Mohawk Aunties.
The film also features an audio interview with Wa’kerakátste Louise McDonald – the Mohawk Bear Clan clan mother from Akwesasne Mohawk Territory – who named the virus. 

Created with all-Indigenous principal cast and crew on Rotinonhson:ni Territory – VeRONAka is a timely movie and one that will help all of us transform the fear and the chaos in the world. It’s also funny.