“The End of Lament” – Andrea Dalton Saner

Dr. Andrea Dalton Saner, Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew Language at EMS, addresses Chapel Gathering around Psalm 88 and Romans 8:18-39.

Context: Romans 8 is not an Advent text, but perhaps it could be. Advent is a season of waiting–perhaps of groaning–and repenting, preparing ourselves to be awake and ready for the coming of our Lord.  We wait with the prophets, who longed for the redemption of Israel, and we wait in our own time for Christ’s next coming. In this season, remember that for which we hope: the coming glory, about to be revealed in us. In this season, as we wait, let us search out the Spirit, the firstfruits of that glory, who empowers us to live into the image of the one who is coming.