“Fully Human” -Kevin Ressler ’07

Drawing from the story of dry bones in the book of Ezekiel, Kevin Ressler engages issues of injustice and what we are called to and how we are called to be involved in our neighbors’ plight.

Kevin Ressler (EMU ’07); poet, playwright, Thespian, want-to-be-novelist, lover of the arts is father to Acacia, husband to Melissa, with anticipation for another child in May. He believes in injustice and hopes to work against it instead of pretending it away. He has been to over a dozen so-called developing countries and found that a lack of economic infrastructure doesn’t mean people are not developed spiritually or hospitably. As a Mennonite and Anabaptist, Kevin’s understanding of life’s work purpose is service driven for symptoms and solution focused for systems. He is from Lancaster. He left Lancaster for college. He returned to Lancaster. His father gave the best advice to him around 15 years old saying, “Kevin, you can do whatever you want but I want you to know what I’ll be proud of you for. I’ll be proud as long as whatever you do you help people.” Lastly, Kevin makes his living as Executive Director of Lancaster Meals on Wheels. He is running for Mayor of Lancaster City, PA, his beloved hometown because he believes we aren’t taking seriously the rise in poverty and crime and desires equitable opportunity for all of the 59,000 residents. He serves on a variety of community boards including ASSETS LANCASTER, Conestoga Valley Education Foundation, Executive Board of the Atlantic Coast Conference for Mennonite Church USA, and Everence Federal Credit Union. Oh, and he much prefers deep conversations to small talk.