“Personal Spiritual Discernment: Finding God’s Answers to Life’s Questions” — Linda Alley

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Linda Alley inhabits multiple roles as EMS administrative assistant, Director of the Congregational Resource Center, Director of the Summer Institute for Spiritual Formation and Coordinator of the School for Leadership Training.  In this chapel gathering in the Seminary, Linda offers reflections on the topic  of, “Personal Spiritual Discernment: Finding God’s Answers to Life’s Questions.” Romans 12:1-2

Seminary Dean Dr. Michael King has begun to articulate a vision for EMS as a “Discernment Training Center” (see Convocation, Fall 2012 and Convocation, Fall 2013). This fall semester, Seminary Faculty are sharing about their own awareness of the topic of discernment through the lens of their own particular discipline or area of study.

The entire campus community is invited to every chapel service on campus. Eastern Mennonite Seminary hosts chapel gatherings in Martin Chapel every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 11:00.