“Spiritual Writing and Spiritual Writers” – Rabbi Niles Goldstein

Rabbi Niles Goldstein, founder of the New Shul in New York City and author most recently of Gonzo Judaism: A Bold Guide to Renewing an Ancient Faith, presents a talk on spiritual writings.

Goldstein’s talk describes a course he teaches called “Spiritual Writing and Spiritual Writers” that draws on devotional literature from various religious traditions from the Hebrew Bible down to the present. He addresses such questions as: What, over the centuries, have been some of the literary forms of spiritual writing? Do the texts function as transmitters of doctrine or as expressions of the writer’s inner life and/or vocation? Can writing itself be a spiritual and devotional activity?

Rabbi Goldstein’s talk is sponsored by the Center for Interfaith Engagement and the Bible and Religion Department at EMU.

For more info contact: Center for Interfaith Engagement, 540-432-4674 or email interfaith@emu.edu

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  1. Sue Kern says:

    Wonderful news about Rabbi Goldstein’s class, Spiritual Writing and Spiritual Writers, this spring at EMU. Will the course be offered online concurrently with the in-person class so that those of us at EMS in Lancaster can partake of his wisdom?

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