Inside Athletics: August 16, 2013

Dave uses this podcast to report and reflect on the retreats and conferences that staff have been involved in during this week before student athletes return. The Student Life division retreat focused on change, how it impacts people and organizations and how to respond to transitions. As with a Rubik’s Cube, where the center square stays in place while the others are moved around it, so it is important for teams to stay focused on one thing while other things change. Another reality of change is that when you make one change, it normally triggers many other changes. That also is seen in athletic teams and the amount of change that occurs between one year and the next just based on personnel. The theme for the Faculty/Staff Conference was “Serving with Compassion”  a phrase taken from the university mission statement. Leonard Dow, pastor or Oxford Circle Mennonite church and a member of the EMU Athletic Hall of Honor challenged us to take care of our souls so we can show compassion to others. Dave uses some of Leonard’s stories and insights and applies them to the athletic experiences.

Inside Athletics is a weekly podcast hosted by Director of Athletics, Dave King. The podcast offers a synopsis of what is happening in EMU athletics, but also delves deeper into how athletics at EMU shapes lives and enhances college educations by positively impacting an athlete’s understanding of self, others, and God. Sports Information Director James De Boer is a regular guest with EMU coaches and athletes making appearances as well.