Inside Athletics: June 3, 2013

This week, Dave reviews the recent ODAC board meetings that he and Sue Kolb attended. He reports on some of the actions taken by the board regarding specific issues related to specific sports. ODAC Board meetings include discussion items and Dave focuses on one that was prevalent throughout the meetings – finances. There was generous and lengthy discussions, both in and out of sessions about finances and how each of us can reduce our costs. Ideas included reduction of contests, reduction of size of conference tournaments, teams(from same school) traveling together and joint purchasing ideas. However, it appeared that no one was willing to make those kind of reductions to help their own budgets due to the potential negative impact on the “student athlete experience”, which is a pillar of the DIII Philosophy. It seems that none of us are willing to “cut” because it will put us at a disadvantage in recruiting students to our university. And the deeper question is how much can enrollment-driven schools adhere to the DIII philosophy when we have to develop successful athletic programs to attract quality athletes and students. No answers, just discussion.

Inside Athletics is a weekly podcast hosted by Director of Athletics, Dave King. The podcast offers a synopsis of what is happening in EMU athletics, but also delves deeper into how athletics at EMU shapes lives and enhances college educations by positively impacting an athlete’s understanding of self, others, and God. Sports Information Director James De Boer is a regular guest with EMU coaches and athletes making appearances as well.