Seminary Capstone Presentation – Cindy Skinner

Cindy Skinner,
A Call to Recover the Healing Ministry of the Church.

**Note** the very beginning of Cindy’s recording got cut off, including the introduction to her.  Here is a summary:

Cindy attended West Virginia Wesleyan College and majored in Psychology, receiving her B.A. in 2008.  Prior to college, she worked for Weston Transfer as a secretary for 13 years.  Cindy has a son, Delbert, and a daughter, Dodi, who both have families of their own.  She is proud grandmother to Haley (18), Austin (16), Kyra (9), Zoe (7) and Garrett (5).  She is currently a local pastor in the United Methodist Church, serving the South Fork Charge in Brandywine, WV where she pastors four small churches.  After graduation, she plans to continue to pastor in the Methodist Church where ever she is sent. 

Students in the seminary’s Master of Divinity program complete Capstone Integration Projects across the two semesters of their senior year. During the fall semester, they negotiate with the professors in the Formation in Missional Leadership class the design of their projects. They then complete their projects in the spring, producing a final paper and making a public presentation. These podcasts are of students’ public presentations.

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