“Intersection of My Career Path Related to Faith and Service” — Leah Kratz & Tony Smith

As part of a broader university focus on Career & Service Day, undergraduate academic departments hosted chapel gatherings in various locations scattered across campus. In this podcast, Business and Economics faculty Leah Kratz and Tony Smith share stories and reflections on their own personal sense of vocation and how their calling has shaped and continues to shape their teaching and other endeavors.  Smith, who also serves as founder/CEO of Secure Futures, LLC, discusses the process of developing the EMU solar project in 2010, Virginia’s first large solar photovoltaic system.

This departmental chapel is part of EMU’s collective effort toward building faith that fosters servant-leadership, as students have the opportunity to gather during the chapel time for focused conversations about the intersections of faith and their area of study with faculty members of their department.  Ten other academic departments held chapel meetings in other spaces across campus at the same time:

Applied Social Sciences – Faith and Career after Graduation
Bible & Religion – A Life Worthy of the Calling
Biology/Chemistry – Faith, Science and Ethics
Education – Connecting Faith with Teaching: A Conversation with EMU Alum Kenny Boyers
Lang & Lit – Writers We Met on the Way to Work – Marti Eads, Eric Eberly, Carol Snell-Feikema, and Mike Medley
Mathematical Sciences – An Informal Conversation on Calling
Nursing – Ways the Sacred Covenant has Impacted/Shaped our Careers – Some alumni gathered with  the nursing department to sing, refresh their souls, and learn about life after nursing school
Physical Education and Recreation – Students Share about their Spiritual Journeys at EMU
Psychology – Integration of Faith and Psychology – upper level psych majors share reflections from papers and personal stories/ideas.
Theater and VaCA – Christian artist or artist who is a Christian? How do we talk about and live out our faith as artists?