Inside Athletics: February 1, 2013

Dave recaps the week’s sports activities and highlights the Royals Athlete of the Week. With recruiting in high gear among all coaches, Dave reflects on the need to articulate the value of DIII sports to parents and recruits as they are influenced with the enticement of DI or DII options. In order to counter the idea of DIII being known simply as the division that doesn’t give athletic scholarships, Dave shares some of the facts about Division III athletics.

Inside Athletics is a weekly podcast hosted by Director of Athletics, Dave King. The podcast offers a synopsis of what is happening in EMU athletics, but also delves deeper into how athletics at EMU shapes lives and enhances college educations by positively impacting an athlete’s understanding of self, others, and God. Sports Information Director James De Boer is a regular guest with EMU coaches and athletes making appearances as well.