Inside Athletics: November 16, 2012

This week Dave takes a break from reporting results and highlights of sports action and focuses on the issue of athletic scholarships. He references a series of articles by Bill Pennington that appeared in the Ney York Times in 2008. The articles were based on, at that time, recently disclosed information from the NCAA about athletic scholarships in Divisions 1 and 2. In addition, Bill conducted interviews with more than 20 college coaches and administrators at two NCAA Division I institutions, Villanova and the University of Delaware. While EMU cannot offer athletic scholarships, Dave reports that the glory and glamor of being awarded an athletic scholarship, regardless of the amount is one of the things EMU coaches recruit against.

Inside Athletics is a weekly podcast hosted by Director of Athletics, Dave King. The podcastoffers a synopsis of what is happening in EMU athletics, but also delves deeper into how athletics at EMU shapes lives and enhances college educations by positively impacting an athlete’s understanding of self, others, and God. Sports Information Director James De Boer is a regular guest with EMU coaches and athletes making appearances as well.