“Mining the Early Church for Mission” – Augsburger Lectures

Alan and Eleanor Kreider speak on “Mining the Early Church for Mission” for the Augsburger Lecture Series. “Our Journey into Worship and Mission” is the theme Alan and Eleanor Kreider bring to the campus community as guests for the Augsburger Lecture series this spring.

Alan and Eleanor Kreider
The Kreiders bring scholarship, storytelling, and experience to incarnational missiology. The Kreiders spent 30 years in England, where they were directors of the London Mennonite Centre, teaching in Manchester and Oxford. They have experienced a Christendom culture and its withering, which is the framework for their thought about worship and mission; they have seen the relevance of Anabaptist theology and practice. Alan and Eleanor are the co-founders of Anabaptist Network and were popularizers of Anabaptism to ordinary Christians. They believe worship and mission are central concerns, and hold a passion for the integration of the two. Peace, reconciliation, and the Early Church are interests which under-gird their work. Eleanor is co-editor of Take Our Moments and our Days (2011), and also holds degrees in piano performance. Alan and Eleanor have written many books, most recently Worship and Mission After Christendom (Herald Press, 2011).

Augsburger Lectureship
The Augsburger Lectureship provides resources to annually bring to campus a noted lecturer(s) to address pertinent topics in the area of Christian evangelism and mission for the stimulation and development of a vision for evangelism and missions for the students, faculty and staff of EMU.