Called by God: Ordinary People, Extraordinary God–Leonard Dow

Does God call ordinary people like me? Drawing from the biblical account of Peter and John healing a lame beggar at the temple gate, Pastor Leonard Dow speaks on being “Called by God” for this final Spiritual Life Week chapel.  Local singer/songwriter Jessica Crawford opens with a song.

Each semester, campus ministries hosts Spiritual Life Week, an engaging series of events aimed at deepening faith in Jesus Christ. The February 2011 events are themed “Called by God.”

Leonard Dow, an ’87 alum of EMU, serves as pastor of Oxford Circle Mennonite Church, an urban, multi-ethnic community in Philadelphia, PA. He serves as bishop of the Lancaster Conference Philadelphia District, vice chair of the Mennonite Central Committee U. S. Board, board chair of the Oxford Circle Christian Community Development Association and board member of Singing City, a non-profit music industry. Prior to being called into , a non-profit music industry. Prior to being called into ministry, he was in banking for 10-12 years. Dow seeks to combine his business expertise along with his ethical and Christian values to ministry.