C. Henry Smith Peace Oratorical Contest

Six students participated in the 2010  C. Henry Smith Peace Oratorical Contest on March 26. Each speaker applied the Christian peace position to a contemporary concern in 1,500 or less words (8-10 min):

Jess Sarriot, a junior Peacebuilding and Development major, won first place with her speech, Peace Churches and War Profits: A Moment for Courage.

Sarah Roth, a senior History major from Harrisonburg, VA, was second runner-up with her speech, Respect the Powers to Affect the Powers.

Michael Harnish, senior Biblical Studies major from Manheim, PA: The Rebellious Children: Reclaiming our Heritage

Kate Nussbaum, a senior Peacebuilding and Development major from Grant, MN was first runner-up with her speech, Pursuing Peace From the Inside Out.

Zach Hurst, senior Congregational and Youth Ministries major from Glenmore, PA: Divide and Conquer: an unlikely slogan for a peace church

Grace Hercyk, senior Justice, Peace and Conflict Studies major who has lived in 15 countries: The Christians of the World